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About us

La Andaluza is a Spanish restaurant franchise with over 27 years of experience in the hospitality industry. Currently, we have over 19 franchises renowned for providing an exceptional culinary experience.

We have decided on our international expansion with the solid objective of introducing a secure, appealing, and convenient business model abroad, given the global appreciation and popularity of Spanish cuisine.

Our mission is to adapt to every franchisee and provide tailored consultation based on their circumstances, to devise the right strategies ensuring success and enabling a profitable business.

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La Andaluza ist mit über 27 Jahren Erfahrung führend im Sektor der Tapas und spanischen Rezepten.

Successful Brand

Known for its outstanding recipes and authentic Spanish tapas.


We guide you at every step to launch the franchise in the new country

Efficient Savings

Cost-effective menus that combine quality and value. No trained chefs or prior experience needed.

Numerous Advantages

Along with two other franchise models, we present the best restaurant franchise opportunity.

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Franchise Support

Collaborating with franchisees on opening restaurants in different countries, we offer various services. We assist our international franchisees with

Our Process

After consultation with our advisor, our international team will analyse every detail. If there’s a collaboration opportunity, we undertake the following steps

+27 years of experience

Exclusive Purchases

Andalusian dishes

On-site training

Competitive Pricing

We offer volume discounts

Marketing department

Our design and ambience team will create the restaurant of your dreams. Plus, you get support from advertising specialists for platforms like Google, Facebook, and TikTok Ads to promote your location.

Franchisee Support

We work hand in hand with every franchisee. We have teams for training, operational consultation, customer support, and more.

Purchasing Hub

Our franchisees benefit from unbeatable trade terms, which they wouldn’t otherwise achieve, thanks to collective purchasing. From the franchise hub, we acquire advantageous prices and deals that allow for reducing inventory and achieving higher profits.

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Some La Andaluza Venues

What's our product?

We are a restaurant specialising in traditional Andalusian cuisine, offering a wide variety of dishes and tapas. Our fried fish is sourced directly from the Bay of Cádiz. We also offer a plethora of seafood and fish dishes along with a fine selection of tapas and small dishes.

Tried and Tested Business Models

Bar without exhaust

Bar with a small footprint

Restaurants in hotels


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